Counseling for Adjustment Disorders

Adjustment disorders describe the mental, physical, and emotional symptoms associated with a recent stressful event or major life change. They may occur after work or career difficulties or changes; moving to a new city, state, or country; an unexpected illness; the death of a close family member; or any other stressful life transition.

Symptoms of adjustment disorders can vary greatly depending on your current emotional state and circumstances, but will usually impact your ability to respond to external and internal stressors in a heathy way. If you’ve found yourself struggling with persistent feelings of anxiety, hopeless, or an increase in reckless behavior after a major life change or stressful event, you may benefit from speaking with a counselor about your experiences. Counseling can provide a much needed support in adjusting to your new situation and can help you better understand the source of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Additional symptoms that can occur as a part of an adjustment disorder include:

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