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If you are here, you may be searching for someone to help you change how you are currently feeling, thinking, or functioning. You may even have questions related to the counseling process. Are you wondering “what will I discuss during my sessions?” How much will counseling cost me? How long do I need to attend counseling? Are my sessions confidential? Do not worry, your concerns are common questions asked by many people. The answers to these questions will vary from person to person, I will be more than happy to answer your questions by email or over the phone.

We provide individual counseling to men, women, teens, and children, ages 6 and older. We offer virtual sessions in Indiana, Illinois, and Texas. In-Person and virtual sessions are available for those in our Highland, Indiana area. You can live a life that does not revolve around you being anxious, depressed, hopeless, or angry. We will support and guide you as you take steps to better yourself. If you choose to do the work, you can be different. 

Counseling for Codependency

Counseling for codependency helps an individual establish healthy boundaries, better regulate their emotions, and develop positive, functional relationships. If you often find yourself feeling dependent on the moods of others, will do anything to ensure others are happy, or struggle with finding a sense of self outside of your relationships, you may benefit from codependency counseling. Counseling can help you will learn how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries with other people in your life; how to identify your own needs; and how to stop enabling unhealthy behavior in others.

Depression Counseling

If feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or anxiety are wearing you down and interfering with your ability to function well in your personal and professional life, depression counseling may be a good option for you. Depression is a common, highly treatable issue that can affect anyone at any time or place. Working with a counselor can help you manage your thoughts and behaviors in an intentional way to improve your overall quality of life.

Anxiety Counseling

Everyone experiences feelings of stress and anxiety from time to time. However, if your anxiety feels overwhelming or has started impacting thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in your day-to-day life, it may be time to seek out new methods of managing your anxiety. Counseling can provide a much needed support in managing in your anxious thoughts, help you identify and change negative thoughts patterns, learn and practice new coping skills and more. 

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